How the Conference Began

IMG_6744Healing Journeys was founded as a result of a personal cancer experience. In 1989 Jan Adrian became one of the 1.8 million women in this country diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatments recommended to Jan focused on the physical body, leaving psychological, social, and spiritual needs unmet.

Jan had a mastectomy, a course of chemotherapy, and 35 radiation treatments. She felt these were necessary treatments, but she knew that treating the physical body only was not enough to heal her. Since Jan had spent seven years teaching seminars to health professionals on healing from within, she knew, in the words of Dr. Lawrence LeShan:

The person exists on many levels….physical, psychological and spiritual….and none of these can be reduced to any other. To move successfully toward health, all must be treated.

Combining the needs she felt as a cancer survivor with her experience in teaching seminars, Jan designed a two-day conference called Cancer as a Turning Point, From Surviving to ThrivingTM.

To produce this conference, Healing Journeys was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1994.

To date Cancer as a Turning Point, From Surviving to ThrivingTM has been presented 26 times. Since 1996, when it was first offered at no charge, attendance has grown more than 600 percent, from an average of 150 attendees in 1994-95 to an average of 1350 attendees at our last two California conferences.

The Purpose of the Conference

The purpose of the conference is to educate, inspire, celebrate, and connect all whose lives have been touched by cancer or any life-altering illness. This includes those living with a diagnosis as well as their friends, family, support persons, and health professionals. Cancer as a Turning Point, From Surviving to ThrivingTM offers resources to support physician directed care and effectuate healing the whole person. The conference includes speakers, performers, music, humor, healing stories, and networking time – all aimed at inspiring and encouraging people to strengthen their own healing potential and their ability to thrive. For many patients, there is no “cure”, but often healing is available. We strive to create an experience that makes a genuine difference in the recovery of patients and the practice of healthcare.

Our Results

Because this event is free of charge, it is accessible to everyone and attracts an average of over a thousand people each year. Attendees leave the conference empowered with knowledge to augment their medical program, inspired by the stories of others, uplifted by knowing they’re not alone, and stirred by the power of music and laughter.

To quote our participants:

….it was the missing piece to all that I have experienced since my diagnosis with cancer over a year ago….. It was the first experience that I have had that addressed my whole being, and in such a loving, informative, inspirational, and caring way.

Even though I’ve attended support groups and had a personal therapist, and have lots of community support, it took this conference for me to access my emotions and experience about cancer, and to move toward acceptance.

Our Future

Cancer as a Turning Point, From Surviving to ThrivingTM will continue to be offered in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and other states as invitations and funding materialize. Click here to find out ways you can support us.

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