Dear Friends,

I’ve heard a rumor that I am retiring. I will someday, but it’s not in the immediate future. I think the rumor got started when we hired Beth as the Executive-Director-in-Training. Seemed reasonable that she would take over when I retired.

In the months that Beth has been working with me, we have verified something I always suspected. What I had been doing under the title of Executive Director can’t reasonably be done by one person. Beth and I are dividing up the tasks and taking job titles to reflect what we will be doing, allowing me to focus on the job that I love most.

Instead of the Executive Director, I am now the Program Director, responsible for designing and implementing our programs and offerings (conferences, workshops, DVDs, etc). Beth is now officially the Development Director and is responsible for guiding the organization towards financial sustainability.

One of our offerings is our eNewsletter, Turning Points. Since May of 2009 we have been creating and sending a monthly ezine containing five sections: Director’s Reflections, Healing Story, Healing Poem, Book Review, and What’s New. Producing a newsletter of this depth is stretching our resources and we need to make a change.

We will continue to send a monthly eNewsletter, and are rethinking what it will contain. In an effort to use our resources to serve you in the best possible way, the monthly Turning Points will include one feature section and a listing of events. This month you are receiving a message from me. We need your feedback for the upcoming months to determine what the feature section will be.

What articles do you enjoy? Do you read the healing stories? Are the book reviews useful? Is there something else you would enjoy, like recipes? We want your ideas and feedback to help us decide what to include in our emails as Healing Journeys continues to move forward. We welcome your thoughts!

Please leave a reply, or read comments left by others. Thank you!

In the spirit of healing,
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Jan Adrian, MSW
Program Director

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