Because so many people have asked what I am doing to continue living with my cancer, I am going to write a weekly blog, sharing some of my “treatments.” Since visualization has been part of my plan with most of my cancer diagnoses and recurrences (I quit counting at ten — three primary cancers and many recurrences), I will start with telling you about my current imagery.

I saw a PET scan of the tumor in my lung, that measured about 1.5 cm. last November. On the PET scan it looks like a bright circle of light. In my imagery, I see that circle of light. When I exhale, it gets smaller around the perimeter. When I inhale, some of it gets sucked out of the middle, into a transforming machine that allows it to become part of the courage and strength I need to shine my light brighter. As I inhale and exhale, I allow this tumor to gradually be incorporated into my strength and courage. Matter transformed into energy. This way it can still be part of me without destroying us.

In Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment, she describes several experiments that were done on healing cancer cells. One intention was to destroy the cancer cells; another intention was to acquiesce to God’s Will without a specific result or request being made; another intention was to fully accept the cancer cells exactly at they were. And finally, there was an experiment that was about requesting the cells return to their natural order.

What the researchers found was the intentions that were about acceptance of the situation or acquiescing to God’s Will had NO effect on the cancer cells. The intention to destroy the cells produced a small reduction in the number of cancer cells. However, the most effective intention in these experiments was the intent to return the cells to their natural order as described here:

The most effective healing intention has been framed as request, combined with a highly specific visualization of the outcome, but not necessarily a destructive one. With healing, the most effective approach may be not to destroy the source of the illness, but, as with other forms of intention, to move aside, let go of the outcome, and allow a greater intelligence to restore order. ~ page 152 of The Intention Experiment, by Lynn McTaggart.