I have a PET/CT scan scheduled for Dec. 17th, and a meeting with my interventional radiologist on Dec. 24th. This is the year’s check up on the cryoablation that he did a year ago on the tumor in my right lung.

I am interested not only in what has happened to that tumor, but also in what is happening with the “marble” under my right arm and the tumor in my left lung. Both of them were called “stable” in my last scan in August. But the small tumor under my arm was supposedly surgically removed in June, so the fact that it was the same size in August as it had been in February concerns me. I can feel it right under my skin and it feels like a marble that moves around. Maybe it can also be ablated?

I have just added a new professional to my treatment team — Lise Alschuler, ND. I had my first appointment with her last Friday and was surprised by one of her questions. She asked if my purpose in working with her was (1) to maintain a body that isn’t conducive to the growth of cancer, or (2) to aggressively “treat” my existing cancer with natural methods. I knew I wanted to do (1), but didn’t know (2) was possible. I am interested in both, but will wait till after my scan this month to move forward with (2).

I feel fortunate to know my cancer has always been slow growing, so I don’t feel like any treatment decisions are emergencies. I’m looking forward to learning and trying some new treatment strategies. Stay tuned.