In the movie, The Living Matrix, a woman named Ariel learns to love her brain cancer, and then it disappears. She says that the miracle isn’t that it disappeared, but that she could learn to love it. I’ve thought a lot about this, and haven’t gotten past the paradox. If I love my cancer for the purpose of making it go away, I’m not really loving it. I’ve had glimpses of feeling neutral and knowing that I will be OK no matter what, but my preference still is to have the cancer disappear. If that has happened for one person (and it has), it can happen for any of us.

In my continuing curiosity about healing and what is possible, I attended a three-day Matrix Energetics workshop in Seattle this month, taught by Richard Bartlett, the founder, and Melissa Joy. They didn’t define Matrix Energetics because they said if they defined it, they would limit it to show up only as how they defined it. So I can’t tell you what it is, but I can share some of what I heard.

Some of the ideas I heard were not new to me, but I heard them a little differently. Everything is energy, or universal consciousness. I am part of Universal Consciousness and can tap into it when I let go of the idea that I am separate. My left brain thinking won’t get me there. The field of the heart, where we are all connected, is the gateway.

They talked about changing models and thus perceiving differently. Give up the “broken and fix-it” model. The more I focus on fighting a disease, the more power it has. They weren’t saying not to treat cancer. They were suggesting that the attitude with which I approach the treatment makes a difference. Neutrality gives me access to all possibilities.

I believe that miracles are possible, and I believe we are all connected in Universal Consciousness. I believe that cancer is just another form of energy, and can be “treated” at an energy level. I believe Universal Consciousness is where our intuition comes from, and one of the 6 treatments I am following is to trust my intuition about treatment.

I hesitate to write about this because it’s really woo-woo and some of you may think I’ve gone over the edge. Even though I don’t know yet what to “do” with this information, it is fascinating to me. I want to learn more and would love to be in dialogue with you if you have some experience with tapping into Universal Consciousness.