Last Monday, on my birthday, I read the online radiology report from my every-six-month PET/CT scan. It detailed the sizes of several tumors in and around my lungs, making them sound worrisome. It also mentioned cancer in my ribs. I knew about the tumors in my lungs, but hadn’t known about the cancer in my bones. I had an initial “oh shit” reaction, thinking that my metastatic cancer was progressing and I would need to consider some kind of Western medicine treatment.

I’m grateful that in November I attended the Healing Journeys Transformation from Within retreat with Jonathan Ellerby, PhD, and learned some tools that helped me shift emotionally out of fear and into acceptance and curiosity. As a spiritual being having a human experience, everything that happens to me is ultimately for my highest and best evolution.

On Wednesday, I met with my oncologist to discuss the results of the PET/CT scan. At my request, she had made a chart for me showing the results of the last three scans (6 months apart) so we could compare the growth of the tumors. Turns out that the growth rate had actually slowed down in the past 6 months. She said the growth was so minimal that she would recommend I keep doing what I am doing because it seems to be making a difference.

Even though I hadn’t seen the ribs mentioned before, she said the current report said there was no change. She is going to verify that with the radiologist, questioning why they weren’t mentioned before. She didn’t see anything to be worried about.

So I will keep taking the supplements that Lise Alschuler, ND, recommends. I want to increase my commitment to exercise and good sleep, both very important, according to Lise. And I want to re-visit the nine Radical Remission treatments more authentically, including increasing my ability to express and release negative emotions (as I’ve learned about in the book, Edgework, by Ronald Peters, MD).

At a recent conference I attended, I was convinced that acupuncture could be a good strategy to add to my treatments. On Wednesday I had my first appointment with a doctor of Chinese medicine, and am excited to be adding that to my health strategies.

My oncologist recommends that I take a hormone blocker, Femara, and I am considering that. I had taken Tamoxifen for 5 years and Arimidex for 3 years, and I am not convinced that they made a difference because I had recurrences while I was taking them. But that was about 15 years ago, so I’m willing to reconsider. It’s hard to know what has made a difference and has kept me living with cancer for 25 years.