I’ve thought for a long time that one of the “gifts” of cancer is that it forces us to get in touch with our intuition. There is not agreement about what the best course of treatment is for most cancers. You can see several different practitioners and they might each have a different opinion. How do I know what is the highest and best for me?

When I asked Dr. Kelly Turner to write an article for our postal newsletter, she wrote about intuition. She has analyzed 1,500 cases of people who have survived cancer against all odds and was surprised that one of the common threads they talked about was following their intuition.

I am again at a point in my own cancer journey where I need to make decisions about what course of treatment to follow and, again, I am searching for the clues that intuition can provide. Sometimes it provides a “knowingness,” but other times I get a vague niggling, that I keep coming back to. If I trust it and go with it, I often find it was indeed the right thing, and my intuition got me there. But it can require more of a leap, a recognition that it keeps coming up for a reason, rather than a “knowingness.”

I have been taking a class on intuition, finding it to be fun as well as useful. When my intuition gives me information, it is often not in the most comfortable/confident way. To access it, I have to recognize the very soft whispers. I think one of the keys is to practice. It’s the familiar challenge of changing habits and adding new practices to my daily routine. I know that if I want a different result, I have to do something different.

Some of the fun practices that we have done in the intuition class have involved guided imagery. By making my imaginary sensory experience more vivid, I am increasing my ability to receive information from my higher self.

One of the objectives of the Radical Remission workshop this past week-end, led by Dr. Kelly Turner, was to “Access and strengthen your intuition.” Kelly also led us through a guided imagery exercise as a way to practice intuition.

In the Radical Remission workshop, we each created our own personal health plan, with goals for one week, one month, and 6 months, related to each of the nine healing factors. She recommended we take small steps and set doable goals, rather than big goals that would add stress to our lives. One of my commitments is to listen to a guided imagery CD this week. I know I can do this, and I intend to do more than this. If intuition is a muscle that needs to be used to make it stronger, I want to exercise my intuitive muscle on a daily basis.

I think another way to exercise my intuition muscle is to pay attention to synchronicity and keep my mind and heart open to new options and directions. We are taught that science is the gold standard and we should use our linear thinking to make smart decisions. But if I make decisions based only on what is known scientifically, I can miss a lot.

One way of looking at intuition is that it is my heart communicating to me. I’ve heard that it takes courage to make the journey from the head to the heart, and I think it is essential in healing to include both. Our medical professionals give us the information our minds need, but it is up to us to ascertain the truths that our hearts know. Intuition is a valuable key to open that door.

Registration is open for the free conference in Denver on September 12th. What does this have to do with intuition? The decision to proceed with this conference is based on my intuition that it needs to happen, even if it turns out to be our last one. The projected cost for this conference is $50,000 and we have received many rejections to our requests for sponsorship, and only one sponsorship grant for $2,000 (thank you, Genentech!). It will be a great program, and I’m counting on donations to cover the cost (will you help?). Please join us for the conference, and let other people know about it. If you think it’s too far for you to travel, think again. Fred is coming from Moscow. It will be worth the trip.

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