Last Saturday 213 people attended The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen workshop in Los Gatos. This was the sixth time I have attended this workshop and every time I get inspired and come home with a few new ideas to create a healthy body. There is too much information for me to absorb it all in one sitting.

A few practical tips I learned this time:

  • To get the most benefit nutritionally from garlic, it needs to breathe before putting it in the frying pan. Mash it and leave it alone for ten minutes before adding it to the onions and the olive oil (or coconut oil) in the frying pan.
  • Lemon (zest or juice) added to anything (especially kale) helps the nutrients get absorbed.
  • When taking Vitamin D, it needs fat to help it get absorbed. Vitamin D is fat soluble. If you take it with a meal that doesn’t include fat, it doesn’t get absorbed.
  • The nut highest in anti-oxidants is the pistachio. This is great news since it is one of my favorites.

Of course there was so much more. These are just hints I missed the first five times I took the workshop, or they were new information.

We videotaped the workshop with two HD cameras and will have DVDs available soon. I’ll let you know when they’re ready. I know I missed a few key points and am looking forward to watching it.