I met with my oncologist this week and we celebrated two months of cancer marker numbers going down. She said we could skip the PET/CT scan in June.

As long as the numbers are going down and the lump under my arm is getting smaller (which it is), we don’t need to give me more radiation by doing a PET scan. I will continue with monthly blood tests, and will see her again in July.

I am on my fourth month of taking Femara, and am continuing with meditating, exercising, using Cannabis (only at night), and practicing the strategies outlined in Radical Remission. I’m feeling energized and excited, practicing how I will feel when I am told there is no evidence of cancer. I’m in a book study group, reading You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I feel like I need some regular input to keep my excitement going, and this book is providing the fuel I need.