This blog is about how I am dealing with cancer, so I haven’t written for awhile because the “treatment” I was doing had to be stopped. Somehow the intermittent fasting and targeted supplements triggered GI discomfort and diarrhea. After a referral to a GI doctor and many tests, the diagnosis was an overgrowth of yeast in my gut, which we are now treating with a potent probiotic, and some supplements my Naturopathic Doctor has prescribed. This has all just started and it will be about four weeks before I resume anti-cancer supplements.

In the meantime, I got the results of my 6 month PET/CT scan. The final paragraph in the report says: “Impression: When compared to the prior PET/CT of 12/17/13, the current study shows mild increase in size and/or metabolic activity of some previously identified malignant soft tissue metastases in the chest. There is no specific evidence of progression of metastatic disease to new sites over the interval.”

My oncologist told me that whatever I was doing was keeping the cancer in check. She said any growth was so small that it could have been caused by a difference in technique. She said they don’t use the word “progression” unless there is a 20% change, and I don’t have that much change anywhere.

She said she would be glad to prescribe a hormone blocker as a treatment, but that if I wanted to continue to do something on my own, there is no risk. Cancer seems to be sleeping.

One decision I was waiting to make as a result of this test is whether or not to continue the intermittent fasting after this GI problem is resolved, and I think the answer is no. If there had been a decrease in the cancer, I would have considered it, but it feels like it didn’t make a big enough difference to go through something that turned out to be difficult for me.

I’m thinking about what “treatment” I want to experiment with for the next 6 months (when I’ll have another scan), and am considering several possibilities: consistent exercise, consistent imagery, and anti-cancer supplements. And of course continuing to implement what I’ve learned in the Cancer-Fighting Kitchen workshop about an anti-cancer diet.

I am grateful that I have another window of opportunity to experiment with “treatments” and I will have a way of determining if they have made a difference. Of course, I’m always “doing” more than one thing and can’t know which one has been most effective. Just in case it’s the “having more fun in my lifethat has been IT, I think I better keep that one up.