When I received a PET/CT scan report that used the phrase, “progression of disease,” my first reaction was “oh shit!” I’m tired of making treatment decisions and using my precious energy to manage cancer. I’ve been doing this for 26 years. I’m ready to move on and I don’t think I “need” to have cancer anymore.

Then I started another round of research on what’s being studied and what is working for eliminating cancer. This time I’m amazed at all the new information I’m learning about Cannabis. It now seems to be a serious threat to cancer. It’s not used only to deal with pain or side effects from treatment. There is more and more evidence that it actually kicks cancer when it is ingested in the right strength and blend of CBD and THC. This is taken for the purpose of medicine, and not to get high. Websites are talking about a 70% success rate in eliminating stage 4 cancers.

When I get excited about sharing what I am learning, I remember that my prayer has for years been to “make me an instrument.” I want my life to be used in service to others. And I wonder again if having cancer is an answer to that prayer. It forces me to learn new strategies and then I share them with you. There is such an overlap between my work for Healing Journeys and my work on my personal healing journeys that I can’t always tell which one I’m working on.

The upcoming Radical Remission workshop is definitely an example of that overlap. I have been excited about Dr. Kelly Turner’s work since I first heard about her PhD thesis project of interviewing people around the world who have experienced Spontaneous Remissions from cancer. She found that there was nothing spontaneous about their remissions. They worked hard at it and she identified nine strategies that they all used. At the workshop on July 24 & 25, Dr. Turner will guide us through the nine factors and help us apply each one to our own healing journey.

This workshop will be a very special event. Dr. Turner will be there in person this time. She lives in New York, has a young family, and wants to minimize her traveling. We will be filming her presentations at this workshop so we can offer it in the future with her being there by video instead of in person. If you want to experience Dr. Turner in person, this is the workshop to attend.

The free conference, Cancer as a Turning Point, has always been something I have created for my own education and inspiration, and you have benefited as well. I’ve heard from so many of you over the years how it has given you exactly what you needed at the time. I’m looking forward to that happening again in Denver this year. Please help us spread the word about this free event, and contribute if you can.

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In the Spirit of Healing,

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