I want to give you an update on some of the decisions I was struggling with last time I posted, and let you know that everything looks good in my monthly blood test, except the CA 27.29 (cancer marker) continues to gradually go up. The rate of growth is faster this past month, probably because that was a month without taking any of my supplements.

As a result of an intense bout of diarrhea, I stopped taking all of my supplements in early September. The diarrhea stopped and I gave my body a break for about a month, with no supplements except Melatonin. I am just starting to add others in, with 5 days between adding each one to be sure my body can tolerate it. This is under the supervision of my ND. We will be including some strong anti-cancer supplements.

Because of the diarrhea, my doctor ordered some stool tests. They found inflammation in the bowel and that led to having a colonoscopy last week. My colon looks healthy. There was one polyp that is being biopsied and no results yet.

I met with Dr. Devlin (see last post) and have a plan for continuing with Cannabis. The evidence is pretty strong that it can kick cancer. I am starting with a much lower dose, and a safer ratio between CBD and THC. As I tolerate this dosage, I can gradually increase it. It’s been 2 days and so far, so good. Dr. Devlin thinks that it is useful as prevention even in the smaller dosages, and it could be helpful in stopping further growth of cancer. The higher doses are needed to reduce an existing tumor.

I decided not to use either of the biological dentists mentioned in my last post. Gloria, thank you for reminding me that it was because the root canal tooth is dead tissue that it needs to be removed (not because of infection). I have continued my search for the right biological dentist and am in optimistic communication with one in Phoenix. We’re just waiting for her to receive a copy of my 3D mouth Xray. I’m still hoping to have my root canal tooth removed this year. My body has formed a little bump where that tooth meets the roof of my mouth, continually enticing my tongue to play with it. It feels like my body is telling me to pay attention to that tooth.

Another issue that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is the Cataract in my left eye. It’s there as a result of the treatment on that eye in 2007 when I had Ocular Melanoma. We’ve been waiting for the blood from the tumor to resolve before we can do Cataract surgery. I got that OK this week and have the surgery scheduled for Dec. 17. Hooray! I will get to see better again.

I’m looking forward to the retreat at Westerbeke Ranch with Jonathan Ellerby this weekend.