For the past few weeks we’ve been putting together our annual postal newsletter. It will announce our schedule of events for the year, plus have some great articles. Working on it has gotten me even more excited about our events coming up this year.

I’ve had some phone calls from people wondering where our free conference is this year. I’m sad to say that we’re not offering one in 2013. It takes a year to raise the money and plan such a large event. Since we offered two of them in 2012, we didn’t have the time to raise the funding to create one for 2013. We are now starting the planning process for the 2014 free Cancer as a Turning Point conference. It’s not too early to contribute to making it happen next year.

Even though we don’t have a free conference this year, we have some very exciting smaller events, in Sacramento, South Carolina, and Mexico. The first event, coming up in March, is the two-day workshop called Saying Yes: Cancer as a Catalyst. I’ve heard from several people who have expressed a reluctance to sign up because they might have to feel their pain. We live in a culture that says if something is difficult, scary or painful, run like hell. It seems we have made an unspoken agreement that we cannot tolerate our own fear and discomfort. This is not serving us because it turns us away from the invitation of our souls.

Julie Interrante, MA, is an experienced and gentle guide, who creates a safe and supportive environment, to help us say yes to the invitation of our souls and go for the transformation. Rather than push pain and fear away, we will invite it in; we will listen; we will stay present; we will love ourselves and love and support one another on the path of transformation. And we will celebrate life. Here is a 3-minute video introduction to the workshop.

This year is the first opportunity to experience the popular workshop,
The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, in South Carolina. Because of the funding provided by the local community in South Carolina, the workshop in Greer on April 13th is being offered for an incredibly low price. I can guarantee it will be a fun, informative, inspiring, and empowering day, and you will love the food. Healthy and delicious really can go together!

I hope to see many of you at these events.

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