Five weeks down and one to go of not putting weight on my broken foot, walking on crutches, and not driving. It’s inconvenient and challenging, and also full of blessings. I am writing this from Susan’s house in Reno, where I’m watching the Olympics on a big screen HDTV with my feet up and someone bringing me anything I need. Susan drove to Sacramento to pick me up, and will take me back home on Sunday. How can I complain?

This is forcing me to take a little vacation from focusing on cancer. It takes all my energy just to handle the daily activities of living when I’m home. There are so many activities that are a challenge when one’s hands are being used for walking — cooking, watering plants, taking out garbage, feeding my cats, etc. Some things I can do with extra effort and time; with others I need to ask for help. And one of the blessings of this experience is all the help that has shown up to do the things that I can’t. I’m feeling grateful for my friends, and all the love and support that has been directed my way.

My appointment with my oncologist last week reinforced that there is no problem with my waiting to treat the tumor in my lung. It is slow-growing and seems to be the only one. The other “spots” in my lung are very small (2 or 3 mm) and haven’t changed in the past 5 years. He thinks they are probably scar tissue from when I had pneumonia.

My current plan is to schedule an ablation procedure after my foot is healed — maybe in October. And I want to continue to be flexible and check-in with my intuition. If something happens to change that, I’m open to other possibilities. That’s another blessing of this broken foot — to have the experience of not being able to follow through with a treatment plan, and to know that whatever is happening is for my highest good.

Still blessing the present, trusting myself, and expecting the best.