Pat QuillinDate: September 13, 2008

Speaker: Pam Quillin

Healing Story – Pam Quillin
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Healing Story – Part 1
Healing Story – Part 2
Healing Story – Part 3

Speaker Bio: Pam Quillin, brain tumor survivor – One of the volunteers for this conference, Pam is proud to be an alumni of the very first Healing Journeys’ Cancer As a Turning Point conference in 1994. Since then, she’s managed to thrive (most of the time) while dealing with the continuing effects of radiation, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and brain injury symptoms similar to those suffered by returning veterans. All this while guiding a stubborn four-year-old into becoming an independent (though still stubborn) young woman. This experience has provided Pam with a keen awareness of what’s truly important, as well as a finely honed foolishness detector, which she uses readily but with great diplomacy (again, most of the time). A firm believer in the mind-body connection and the healing power of laughter, Pam’s known for her quick wit and caring heart.

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