Just as a reminder, the six “treatments” that I’m focused on are the ones that Kelly Ann Turner found in her research that may elicit unexpected remission of cancer. They are:
1) Deepening one’s spirituality;
2) Trusting in intuition regarding health decisions;
3) Releasing negative and/or repressed emotions;
4) Feeling love/joy/happiness;
5) Changing one’s diet; and,
6) Taking herbal/vitamin supplements.

Last week I told you about the visualization I am currently doing. This is something I can do any time I want to wherever I am. I do it when I’m meditating. I do it for a few minutes every time I stop at a red light, or when I’m out for a walk. It’s my imagination, available to me constantly.

I think Visualization is the most powerful when it’s used as part of the 3 V’s — Verbalize, Visualize, and Vitalize. To Verbalize is to use affirmations (words); Visualizing utilizes the imagination, and to Vitalize is to experience the emotion as if it has already happened. The purpose of the first two Vs is to create the emotion, or the energy, that serves as a magnet to draw to me the experience I desire. Some people call it raising my vibration. Basically, it’s effective if it makes me feel good.

Guided imagery is a great way for me to activate all three V’s. Guided imagery involves listening to someone else take me through the process of relaxation, and creating a healing scene and experience for me.

You can listen to one of my favorite guided imagery experiences, as well as some very powerful affirmations here, done by Belleruth Naparstek. There is an introduction, affirmations, and a guided imagery specifically related to fighting cancer. This particular guided imagery is also helping me to release negative emotions and feel more joy and happiness (#3 and #4 above).

I have also had great results using guided imagery to prepare for surgery. You can hear a sample of that, also by Belleruth Naparstek, here.

What experiences have you had with guided imagery?