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I’m excited about our upcoming events — we’ve been preparing all year for them! This year all our events are on the West Coast and I understand your disappointment if you live on the East Coast. Next year will be your turn. I’d like to share with you how locations are chosen, because it’s partially up to you where our events happen. Most of them are started with a request from one person who wants to have an event in their area and is willing to help make it happen.

Like Robin Davenport who first requested a conference in South Carolina in 2003. After listening to the CD sets of Cancer as a Turning Point™ conference presentations, she called me to request a conference in Greenville, SC. We worked together to create a local steering committee, raise the necessary funding, and Healing Journeys produced the first conference there in 2005.

We need local supporters to introduce us in their communities where we have no connections, as Robin initially did. Even though Robin is no longer with us, her dream continues. We have scheduled our fourth two-day free conference in South Carolina for June 23 & 24, 2012 in Spartanburg, SC. Save the date!

Another example is Kim Jordan, medical nutritionist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, who called me to ask what it would take to have Jeanne Wallace teach a workshop in Seattle. I said it would take a sponsor to help cover the costs, and a venue. Kim made the request to the marketing department at her hospital and they became a sponsor. With a little research we discovered that Bastyr University has an auditorium that will be great. The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen workshop is scheduled to be in Seattle on September 23, 2011. It wouldn’t be happening without Kim’s initial request and her help.

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen is an empowering workshop that includes both scientific information and practical tips to turn that science into delicious meals and medicine in your own kitchen. You can watch a short video of Rebecca Katz, author of the book and one of the instructors. We are offering this workshop three times this year on the West Coast. Where would you like it to be next year?

Because the information in this workshop is so valuable and empowering for anyone touched by cancer, we made DVDs of the workshop last year. And we posted some excerpts from last year’s Cancer-Fighting Kitchen workshop on YouTube so anyone can get some of the information even if you can’t attend. I’d like some feedback from you about whether the YouTube clips are helpful.
I’d love suggestions from you during the years we don’t have an event in your area, what are other ways we can serve you?

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