Edward BaumanDate: September 13, 2008

Speaker: Edward Bauman, MEd, PhD

Eating for Health and Recovery

Speaker Bio: Edward Bauman, MEd, PhD, is the director of Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts with Distance Learning and Classroom Programs in Northern California and Boulder, CO. Dr. Bauman developed the Eating for HealthTM nutrition model, which is an effective way to promote optimal health, live well with cancer, prevent disease, manage chronic illness and help people discover the joys and ease of eating delicious fresh, natural foods and beverages. Dr. Bauman is the author of Eating for Health: A Guide to Optimum Health and Vitality, The Recipes and Remedies for Rejuvenation Cookbook, and Controlling Cancer in our Community (www.baumancollege.org). He is a delightfully wise, practical and inspiring teacher and mentor, who makes complex nutritional information easy to digest and assimilate. For the past 23 years, Dr. Bauman has been leading Vitality Fasting Retreats. Personal “Jump Start Cleansing” programs and consultations can be arranged by appointment through Bauman Clinic (www.BaumanNutrition.com).

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