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On my recent vacation in Kauai it rained a lot, giving me the opportunity to find ways to spend time inside. I enjoyed watching DVDs, and especially appreciated The Living Matrix — The New Science of Healing. It’s about how, from a scientific perspective, we can maximize our bodies’ self-healing abilities.

This has been a major interest of mine for as long as I can remember. It was the basis of the seminars I taught at the Center for Health Awareness in the 80’s. Eventually it was what led me to design the Cancer as a Turning Point, From Surviving to Thriving™ conference in 1994.

My interest continues to grow as science is demonstrating the truth of what has been on the fringe of medicine for so long. We are so much more than our bodies. We truly are spiritual beings on a human path, and true healing involves our whole being.

In The Living Matrix, scientists talk about the information we now have to guide us in activating our bodies’ capacity for self-healing. They describe the intricate web of factors that determine our well-being, going beyond what we do to treat the physical.

I was excited to hear the information, and also to be introduced to some of the experts working in this field now. One of these experts is Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Marilyn will be one of the speakers at the Cancer as a Turning Point™ conference in Napa Valley on September 17. She will share with us some of the research being done at IONS and how it can impact our own individual healing journeys.

To quote Marilyn from her book, Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life, the resources are now available for you to “actively collaborate with the forces — both internal and external — that conspire to move you toward wholeness.”

I hope you will come hear Marilyn at the conference if you can. If you can’t, you can order The Living Matrix DVD, or order her book. You can watch a trailer for The Living Matrix here. This information needs to be part of the tool kit for anyone on a healing journey.

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