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Turning Points — October 2012
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A Note From Jan — by Jan Adrian, MSW

Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled to announce that you can hear all of the presenters from our Sacramento conference in September! The three that previously hadn't given permission to distribute their talks have all agreed to make them available.

I'm delighted that we recorded this extraordinary conference so we can share it with those who weren't able to attend, and so I can listen to the presentations again. I've heard much discussion about Marianne Williamson's talk, especially her suggestion that cancer is a cry for help, calling for love rather than a battle.

Here's the order form to order CDs, DVDs, or MP3 files (on a CD).

I hope you enjoy the healing story we are offering this month. We're making some exciting plans for 2013 that I will share with you next month.

In the Spirit of Healing,
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Jan Adrian, MSW
Founder and Executive Director


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Healing Story

Note:  Marilyn Holasek Lloyd is an RN, previous holistic health instructor, and a retired adjunct instructor in the liberal arts. All of her background as a nurse, public speaker, and as an English instructor ignited her passion for writing. Being a breast cancer survivor merged all of her fields, and provided her the background to be a patient advocate for herself, her family, friends, and to a wider audience through her writing (google Marilyn Holasek Lloyd for more information; she is also one of the moderators of BC Study and Support – a Yahoo! group).

Independence Day
by Marilyn Holasek Lloyd, RN, MALS

My breast cancer diagnosis and treatment decisions happened like some nonfiction drama or screenplay. The climax occurred on July 4, 1996 and the special effect was the movie Independence Day.

My surgical choices started the story, and the results were dramatic. I had eight mammos, a CAT scan and ultrasound, and then an excisional biopsy that removed the 1.5 cm tumor. My surgeon had recommended a clean-up surgery followed by radiation. Contrary to his wishes, I chose a mastectomy with another simple mastectomy on the other side—a choice based purely on gut instinct and divine guidance. It turned out that I had another 1.5 cm tumor hiding behind a cyst and the surgeon got it by 1 millimeter. He hadn't even known it was there. . . . Read More

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