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Turning Points — November 2013
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A Note from Jan — by Jan Adrian, MSW

Dear Friends,

November is the month we focus on gratitude, and I'm feeling especially grateful that I've just experienced two weeks on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, attending both of the Healing Journeys retreats with Jonathan Ellerby, PhD. (Jan with Jonathan Ellerby, in Mexico, pictured to the left.)

It was again a deep and magical experience, full of insights and connections. It seemed like everyone attending got what they needed to bring more peace and joy into their current life situations.

I'm wishing more people could benefit from the expanded awareness that Jonathan offers, and I'm thinking we should offer these retreats next year in a U.S. location. Even though the geographical area where we were is beautiful and magical, I think that the benefits of being in a workshop with Jonathan would be equally profound if we were in a place where people didn't have to travel so far to attend.

I appreciated the time to connect with others during the retreat and hear some of the stories of how people got acquainted with Healing Journeys. I am in awe of how life-changing the experience of our Cancer as a Turning Point™ free conference has been for people touched by cancer (both patients and family members). Hearing their stories of transformation inspires me to work even harder to acquire the funding needed to offer another free conference in 2014. I am grateful for any support you can provide to help make that happen, and I am hoping Jonathan will be one of our speakers.

I wish you a Thanksgiving season filled with awareness of many blessings, and a heart full of gratitude.

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In the Spirit of Healing,

Jan Adrian's signature
Jan Adrian, MSW
Founder and Executive Director


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Healing Story

Note:  Stephanie Sugars continues to be humbled by life and death, health and illness. She explores these and related topics at her blog: www.mylifeline.org/stephaniesugars.

8000 Last Days
by Stephanie Sugars

Almost everyone thinks:
A. It's best to die suddenly in one's sleep
    at an old age.
B. If one must be diagnosed with cancer,
    it's best to devote months or perhaps
    a year to it, then be cured.
Or C. If cancer is incurable, then death
    should come after many years.

I've had the enviable experience of C. – living over 8000 days (22 years) with knowledge of active cancer in my body; continuous (largely alternative) treatments and with death as a constant informant. I've been oriented to my "last days" for so long, that my imagination is stretched to imagine an extended future.

I don't make major purchases and buy basic supplies in three-month increments. I pencil in future activities, limiting them to six-months ahead. I've downsized to a two-room house; have marked my remaining material possessions with heirs' names; kept only what I care about or sustains my life. No offspring or grandchildren tug at my heartstrings. My profession fell away after about 5 years with cancer. My primary relationship after 13 years. During my long bout of dying (or living?) with cancer, dozens of loved ones have died bringing death to my doorstep, though not into my house.
. . . Read More

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