Smile Again

Smile Again
by Gerald Green

Timeless childhood play until the end,
I want those years returned.
Give them back to me,
So I may smile again.

Cancer stole my smile and years away,
When will my smile return?
No not today,
Pain’s hide and seek blocks the way.

Please lift my spirits with song,
And send in the singing clowns.
Everybody laughed when one fell,
Except me, I wanted to help him along.

Sometimes my burden takes my legs away.
Please don’t laugh when I fall today.
Childhood memories please lift my spirits,
And let me smile again.

Gerald Green

Bio: Gerald Green was reborn in 1995 as a cancer survivor at the age of 46.

He converted his focus from work to home and volunteerism, and to writing his memoir, LIFE CONSTRICTED: To Love, Hugs and Laughter, which was published in 2010.

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