Obvious Nature

by Elizabeth Hess Stamper

May Love,
So often secret
And shy
Be my obvious nature,
My brazen heart,
My outstretched hand
Not holding back
Its nectar, its comfort
Its joy, its healing
To any creature
For any reason.

May Love,
No longer timid
And shy
Call forth the love
Still sleeping in others
Like flowers
Who stand in the back
Of the room

Still waiting to be asked
To dance

Still needing

To bloom.

Elizabeth Stamper
Bio:  Elizabeth Hess Stamper
, LMHC, is a holistic counselor and spiritual teacher in Florida, and has been a student of meditation and yoga since 1972. She has authored a well-received book on spiritual relationships and two meditation CD’s, and has been leading workshops and retreats for 15 years.

For her work in helping to create and promote community, Elizabeth was recently given the “Heart of the Community” award by the Brevard Chapter of Conscious Living Partnership. Elizabeth’s website is www.ahealingcircle.com.