God is like Bubble Wrap

by Danielle Mattson

I woke up one day

Not knowing things were about to change

“Your husband has cancer”
Is what I heard the Doctor Say

Everything moved quickly

and surgery was done

Walking through those days

I felt completely numb

Yet all around me
I could feel Him
If you were to ask

I’d tell you
“God is Like Bubble Wrap”

Softening the words

Absorbing the blow

of hearing the words

everybody knows

Are the ones to ‘fear’

on the face of this earth

although we know

we’re made of dirt

Though we know that God has the answer
we could not fathom:
“Sal has cancer”

Yet in every single step

We took along the way
We felt the strength of God

as His people prayed

And as we ourselves

bowed humble, low
To whom would we turn
Where else would we go?

But to the One who lifts our head
Who alone gets us out of bed

The One who holds

each beating heart

All our days

known from the start

The One who offers peace unknown

When grief hits hard —
your soul does moan

And you’re walking a path
you swore you ‘never could’

So much that your legs like wood

refuse to move all on their own

Then God comes down,

whispers, “You’re not alone”

And wraps His loving arms about You
His Peace invades
completely surrounds you

So that You feel You’re on Abba’s lap
Yes, it’s true,
God is like Bubble Wrap

He alone can give this peace
from our all fears find sweet relief
His Word, our shield, our strength our Rock
Gives Grace to stand amid the shock
Of trials that blow in like a hurricane
When our lives as we knew it
will never be the same

He alone is all we need
Nothing else in between
Jesus Christ, Our Savior You ask?
Yes, God is like Bubble Wrap.

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you
Do not be dismayed for I am Your God
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous
right hand.

Danielle MattsonBio:  Danielle Mattson is Mom to 5 beautiful children, and homeschools each of them, together with the help of her husband, Sal.  They just celebrated their 19th Anniversary this year!

She enjoys writing and reading in her “free” time as well as good friends and Bible Study.

Walking through her husband’s cancer diagnosis and surgery has given her an awareness and compassion for others who are on this path. She is thankful for the time she is able to help support and encourage them.