The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Workshop 2010

Presented twice in 2010:

Santa Cruz, CA – March 19th

Napa, CA – November 5th

Comments from participants:

  • This workshop went well above and beyond my expectations. The info was impressive and priceless. The 2 speakers balanced each other beautifully. A truly enjoyable and life-enhancing experience. Thank you!!

  • Awesome! As a cancer patient one often feels out-of-control. Being able to proactively do something about future cancer via diet is very empowering. THANK YOU!!!

  • Excellent coordination of theory and demonstration of nutritional use in a tasteful manner great tools to use!

  • Jeanne Wallace’s handout should be given to EVERY cancer patient by their oncologist! Thank you for the helpful information!

  • Far exceeded my expectations (and my expectations were very high!). Very inspiring day and such a beautiful drive getting here this morning! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this day together!

  • Would love to hear of “repeat performances” of this seminar or related workshops. Love the way Jeanne makes technical information accessible to the lay-person without “dumbing it down.”

  • Thank you VERY much for a total experience of support and wellness the food for lunch was a big help to get our (SAD!) diets turned around.

  • I will surely use this info for future menu options and will educate my patients. Though food choices will have to be gradual.

  • What a great team of experts. Hoping that this topic can continue to go more mainstream.

  • I already had the book and have shared it with cancer patients in Massachusetts (my whole family has cancer). I don’t understand how little of this food/cancer relationship is known! I will be following you and spreading the information! Thank you for your good work!

  • This event was fantastic. I use nutritional information in my acupuncture practice with my clients and continue to study with teachers all over the country and these 2 women are among the finest. I love that they make the information so memorable. Yum!!

  • Great to have both of them together very practical. I feel like I can go forward with new lifestyle program.

  • Lunch was a highlight and made an excellent point to promote healthy eating!

  • Loved it! Witty, entertaining presentation. Variety was good. Demo, etc., kept us engaged. Lunch was great!

  • Such an interesting, well-organized day. I learned so much. The lunch was delicious and the snacks were also healthy and tasty.

  • Excellent – great combo of Jeanne’s knowledge and Rebecca’s experience of putting it together. They are each awesome and even better together. Thanks. Facility was great details were attended to.

  • Fantastic very helpful information hopeful information as well!

  • Thank you so much this is saving lives!

  • Very effective presentation. So much information. Jeanne’s slide packet allows for full attention to her presentation and it’s large enough to read.