San Mateo 2010 Conference

Cancer as a Turning Point, from Surviving to Thriving™
San Mateo, CA
October 9 & 10, 2010

Comments from participants:

  • Such warmth, such heart, such connection; this is so supportive to all of us. Healing Journeys Conferences are a gift to us all. Makes me cry, I am so grateful.

  • Huzzah to you for putting together a spectacular weekend of outward friendliness, inner enlightenment, and hope with all types of healing. Thank you all, including the guests.

  • Since being ill, the majority of info/help has been sad and serious. This conference is unique in incorporating other dimensions which brought a smile and expanded my horizons to include modalities other than traditional medicine.

  • All presenters had phenomenal info to share! A beautiful day filled with inspiration and hope. Wonderful venue and loving, helpful volunteers.

  • Fabulous! Surprising! Balanced! Integrated, rich, content-ful, excellent, heartfelt, engaging, inspiring, renewing…did I mention fabulous!

  • This was my first cancer conference. I had no idea what to expect. Several of the presenters just knocked my socks off! Well done!!

  • I came here with my wife expecting some sort of sales pitch and instead I sit here in awe of the grace and humanity and the pure giving of this gift to us who are so in need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • “The whole is more than the sum of the parts.” I’m an MD, coming virtually every year for 15 years. I keep coming because the spirit is so nourishing, and because it inspires me towards transforming my part of medicine.

  • Very eye-opening and heart-warming to experience this fabulous conference by wonderful presenters covering all aspects of the human body and spirit. I commend Jan, her board, and the volunteers for giving this FREE to those who need it but could not have afforded it!

  • Fantastic, inspirational and helpful. We are not alone on our journeys. I felt very supported here today. The conversations and connection between sessions were almost as good as the speakers.

  • This experience was so amazing for me as a health professional as well as having a mother and grandmother both survive cancer. I gained invaluable knowledge here that I will share with my patients. Thank you.

  • Incredible blend of technical information and heartfelt inspiration. I love the joy and playfulness combined with top notch scientific information and LOVE.

  • Wide and varied, deep and touching, measurable and immeasurable. A great juxtaposition of approaches, each valuable.