San Francisco, CA 2006 Conference

Cancer As a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving™
San Francisco, September 9-10, 2006

Comments from participants

“This conference has blown me away. Since it was free my expectations were pretty low. This has been so well run and professional. The speakers/singers/dancers incredible. I learned so much!”

“Reminded me that I am worthy of taking care of myself.”

“Super flow of speakers, events, quiet time, lunch groups. An amazing 2 days, the closest thing to perfection of any conference I’ve eve attended!!”

“Thank you all for the gift. It brought my husband and I closer together and has given us positive ideas on how to improve our journey through this process.”

“This was one of the most inspiring conferences I have ever attended. Thank you so much.”

“While I probably ‘knew’ all of this, the experience was moving and inspirational and contributed to reinforce many of my convictions and motivate me to action.”

“The entire program has made me look to the future with determination to live each day to the fullest and draw closer to friends and family.”

“This conference is as important or more so than any health care system can offer.”

“My determination to treat my cancer on many levels is strengthened and reinforced.”

“Thank you from my heart for this opportunity to see life threatening illness in many positive lights. Connection, support, acknowledgement of all aspects of our experience is transformative.”

“I recognize that I’ve been busy “doing” my treatment – now it’s time to begin healing myself.”

“I cried a lot, let go of some sadness and hopelessness, and gained strength to thrive. This was an inspiring, nourishing, enriching, powerful healing experience.”

“I’ve been a cancer survivor since ’83 and these gatherings have helped me more than words can say. I felt once again the ‘commonness’ of my journey within this special community. Although my cancer was rare and no one else I’ve met here survived as long as me, I feel less ‘alone’.”

“I am almost 2 years out and didn’t realize how raw some of my feelings still were. Thank you for the opportunity to learn, listen, and reflect.”

“I have more courage to be active in choosing a course of treatment.”

This conference has met needs in my life more than I anticipated, and met needs I didn’t even know I had. A great combination of stories, professionals, and reality. Thank you from my heart.”

“Just excellent. Came away renewed! Thank you for taking such good care of us. Really appreciated the organic and healthy food and fragrance -free area.”

“I find these conferences to be wonderfully presented, informative and enriching on every level. I love how so many mediums are included from artistic to spiritual to educational.”

“I have learned to accept my incurable cancer in a deeper more realistic way. I will live my life with more joy.”

“Thank you for inviting my grieving process to surface. A life changing experience.”

“I am a Hospice nurse and not only has this given me some key ideas, concepts to use when dealing with my patients, but also helped lower my stress and anxiety in my own life.”

“The presentations helped me to be less fearful and have less anxiety about death of myself and loved ones.”