Sacramento 2008 Conference

Cancer As a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving™
Sacramento – September 13-14, 2008

Comments from participants

“This has been a very uplifting and inspiring experience. I now know you aren’t in the battle alone. Thanks so much.”

“I absolutely received so much comfort, encouragement and reminders how I could continue healing myself from my disease.”

“I’m ready to stop the emotional hurting and start helping and giving back to others with cancer.”

“This is my 3rd conference. They have been life altering – each one. This conference is a highlight of my year. I bring others with me each year.”

“Powerful experience. Thank you! I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my patients and promote Healing Journeys and continue to use CDs from the conferences with patients/professionals. (RN)”

“I don’t have the words to express how this conference has touched and helped me. I look forward to attending the next one as a survivor.”

“Thank You A Million Times. Thank you! The whole conference was top notch. It was very helpful and inspirational for me. It has given me hope. Hope for myself and this world.”

“I didn’t want to leave, this place was so full of good energy!”

“I realized that if I don’t take care of my emotional and physical health I will not be well. I also realized that there is hope for healing and to heal I have to take action.”

“Thank you! I learned more about how to die and how to live.”

“Everything was wonderful and more than I had hoped -definitely exceeded my expectations. Much of the information was not new to me because I had sought it out during my late husband’s Hodgkin’s illness, but I appreciate it being combined and preselected in such a thoughtful way. Thank you! (A young surviving spouse)”

“Wow. As a family support person this conference has allowed me to more fully share this journey with my mother and has opened up discussions that we seemed to avoid. Thank you.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for continuing to enlighten the lives of others by providing these healing conferences. I personally invited close to 60 people including many folks who haven’t been in my groups for years.”

“Exceeded my expectations. I always wonder how it could get better and it always does. Love it!”

“Everything I needed and more. Thank you so very much. I see my cancer as a chance to grow in faith and spirit and hopefully shine and laugh and dance and laugh and play, play, play!!!””

“We’ve driven 308 miles to attend this conference and would have come many more miles to be here.”

“This was the first time coming to the conference and the entire conference was phenomenal! I came to support my mother and I can see the way it lifted her spirits and gave me a better understanding of what to expect and how to help. I will definitely attend again.”

“I am blessed to be here because it is Free.”