Greenville 2007 Conference

Comments from participants

“Two years ago I walked away with the theme of ‘the strength and determination of the will to live.’ This year my personal theme that I’ll take with me is that ‘I am a soul clothed in a human body.’ Thank you for helping me feel whole!!”

“I feel so full. Thank you. I can’t wait to use the tools I learned this weekend. I have a renewed sense of purpose with my job.”

“I have been to paid conferences not nearly the excellent quality you present. Thank you for bringing this blessing free to us. As a 7½ year survivor, this gives me another opportunity to celebrate life one breath at a time.”

“Thank you for this great gift of a conference. Thank you for the grace and spirit that it brings to so many people’s lives.”

“Thank all of you for transporting the caliber of presenters here for us to experience. I was here in 2005 and didn’t think anything could top that one. But this conference did for me. I’ve had 3 more close friends die since then and you have given more tools than ever!”

“I felt like an honored guest – that this effort would be made to help us on our paths.”

“This weekend rekindled my motivation to go out and spread the word that the ‘C’ word is no longer a death sentence automatically.”

“This weekend was a reinforcement of ‘inner wisdom’ that is a common thread connecting all of us living with a courageous awareness that a cancer diagnosis is a journey, not a destination.”

“You did an amazing job in every way, providing what we’ve needed and didn’t have. We are eternally grateful to you. I love all the ways you communicate: talking, dance, drama, music, etc. Each way, we learned.”

“Organizers from top to bottom did a fantastic job! Thank you so much! This is a beautiful and accessible site, and every staff person was friendly and helpful to a fault. A wonderful balance among performance, information, inspiration!”

“These 2 days were so wonderful, informative and entertaining – atmosphere calm, no rushing. Thank you. They have also been totally supportive of my “knowing” – if I have a re-occurrence, my “outlook/view” will be more open and focused.”

“This weekend was a wonderful event for cancer patients. It made me realize that healing is really ongoing and one can’t do it alone.”

“Wonderful. Inspiring. Very educational. An opportunity to take away many tidbits that will continue to nourish me.”

“I have never attended a conference that I enjoyed more.”

“I feel so loved and connected to others. I have learned so very much. Thank you for this wonderful program.”

“I would travel across country to attend another conference like today! Today was a great day in my life.”

“The amenities were excellent. I felt important just being here! Great chance to meet other support people and discuss role and feelings.”

“Fabulous! We are so grateful to you for creating such an insightful program. This approach is so effective. You touch the soul and inspire healing.”