From Surviving To Thriving Workshop 2006

From Surviving to Thriving™
Workshop with Jan Adrian, MSW and Karen Haas, MA
Monterey, CA – April 21 & 22, 2007

Comments from participants

“I came away with more info than I thought I would. Enjoyed meeting people who feel the same emotions.”

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Leadership and participants. Thank you!!”

“Inspirational – really helped me move from survival mode into thriving approach to life.”

“I found this workshop to be a springboard for growth. It was full of fascinating research, helpful and supportive exchanges among the participants, and I leave with hope in my heart.”

“Enabled me to see where I was and where I want to go in terms of healing.”

“By the end of the first morning I had enough new tools to have felt complete. Having gone through the Simonton week-long retreat for cancer patients, I would say this workshop offers as much in 2 days as theirs does in a week.”

“This program has some of the pearls from Simonton, Cunningham, and LeShan. It is one of the best cancer workshops in the country on how to become a self-healer!”

“It is the most well-organized and well-designed workshop on self-healing I’ve ever experienced. Jan and Karen present didactic material with heart. The only way to improve this workshop would be to expand it to a week.”

“This workshop was valuable in helping participants realize ingrained negative views and learn to turn them into positive views. I met and connected with wonderful people.”

“Wonderful experience! Wouldn’t miss it!”

“Awesome workshop! I wish it could be 3 – 4 days instead of 2 days. I would attend this workshop again!”