Bremerton 2007

Bremerton, WA Conference
September 15, 2007

Comments from participants:

“Thank you for this life-changing conference.”

“Thank you so much! I’ve been looking forward to this for months and I’m not disappointed!”

“Very, very healing day!!! Filled up my heart and soul. You’re doing some very important, needed work.”


“Outstanding! Attended a previous conference, so had some background on Healing Journeys. Having local speakers in the area present is wonderful! Thank you.”

“A wonderful, reassuring, hopeful day. Thanks for all your efforts. Thanks, especially, for Harrison Medical Center sponsorship.”

“A Thousand Thank Yous!”

“I am so happy that I attended. This does feel like the beginning of a new journey. Thank you!”

“Thank you – this conference came just when I needed it – it was a salve for my soul!”

“An inspiring, energizing, wonderful well-organized program, Thank you so much for this generous gift!”

“My mom died from ovarian cancer a few weeks ago. I took care of her for 2 years. So while today was hard it was also wonderful. I wouldn’t have been anywhere else. She was with me today for sure! Thank you. Thank you.”

“This was a retreat, both educationally and spiritually. Actually physically also. And in my own backyard! A single day that has nourished me as though it were a week. Blessings.”

“I believe workshops such as today’s not only facilitate learning, but promote an environment for all patients to be at ease to ask questions. Often we are intimidated because we are less educated in the diagnosis than the medical professionals we consult. Today gave me more confidence to ask questions and trust my own instincts.”

“A top notch day: punctual, free food, varied program, all well planned and excellent speakers.”

“Wonderful program. Thank you so much. Rarely do we have access to such a program in Kitsap County.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this day!”

“Thank you – I got a shot of what I needed – encouragement and hope that I can positively live that which is to come and live and die harmoniously.”

“Today was very worthwhile – especially talking with other colon cancer patients/survivors.”

“I am so glad to see programs like this in our county. Kudos to Harrison! Hope to see more.”

“It was very helpful to hear all these speakers and performers who reignited my desire to make my cancer experience translatable.”

“Marvelous program – complementary spectrum of speakers/presenters. Thank you for your vision.”

“This was wonderful – Thank you Harrison for bringing this to our community! This is just what my family and I needed!”

“Hearing from such inspiring speakers has prodded me to look again at what I value and spend my time accordingly.”

“You rock! I think you touch people’s lives even more than you realize and this helps heal the whole ‘Global community’!”